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Application Area

  • Medicinal Chemistry

    Medicinal Chemistry

    Medicinal chemistry and drug research require diverse chemical components to meet strict requirements not only in terms of physical and chemical properties but also in terms of chemical reactivity.

  • Organic Chemistry

    Organic Chemistry

    The chemists use the 'build–couple–pair' strategy of organic synthesis, which entails preparing molecular building blocks that contain several chemical groups.

  • Material chemistry

    Material chemistry

    The chemical building block (CBB) is a molecule which can be converted to various secondary chemicals and intermediates, and, in turn, into a broad range of different downstream uses.

Application Note

  • Coumarin Synthesis Building Blocks with Anticancer Activity

    Coumarin Synthesis Building Blocks with Anticancer Activity

    Coumarin, also known as bisfuran cyclooxaphthalone, is a lactone compound widely found in Rutaceae and Umbelliferae. Coumarin is a general term for a class of natural products with a benzo-αpyrone structure, which is widely used in medicine, fragrance, dyes, instrument analysis, agriculture and other fields.

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  • Application of Indole in Drug Targeting Design

    Coumarin Synthesis Building Blocks with Anticancer Activity

    Indole exists in many natural products such as indole alkaloids, fungal metabolites and marine natural products. Indole derivatives have been found to contain a variety of biological activities, including antibacterial, antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anticonvulsant, antimalarial, anticancer, antiulcer, antileishmaniasis, contraceptive, antioxidant, etc.

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  • Pharmacological Activities of Benzimidazole Derivatives

    Coumarin Synthesis Building Blocks with Anticancer Activity

    Benzimidazole is an electron-rich aromatic heterocyclic compound containing two N atoms that can form complexes with metal ions containing empty orbitals. As an important targeting pharmacophore, the high therapeutic potential of benzimidazole drugs has inspired medicinal chemists to explore the synthesis of novel chemotherapeutic agents containing benzimidazole moieties.

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  • Biological Activities of Pyridine Derivatives

    Coumarin Synthesis Building Blocks with Anticancer Activity

    Pyridine is a unique nitrogen-containing aromatic ring compound. Besides being widely used in industry, pyridine is also present in many natural products such as vitamins, coenzymes and alkaloids. Pyridine compounds are often used in medicine due to their basicity, water solubility, stability, hydrogen bond formation ability and small molecular size. In addition, the substitution of pyridine rings plays an important role in drug discovery.

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