Salicylic acid - CAS 69-72-7

  • Chemical Structure
  • General Information
  • Catalog: BB033946
  • Product Name: Salicylic acid
  • CAS: 69-72-7
  • Synonyms: 2-hydroxybenzoic acid
  • Molecular Weight: 138.12
  • Molecular Formula: C7H6O3
  • Canonical SMILES: C1=CC=C(C(=C1)C(=O)O)O
  • InChI: InChI=1S/C7H6O3/c8-6-4-2-1-3-5(6)7(9)10/h1-4,8H,(H,9,10)
  • Melting Point: 154-156°C
  • Purity: >98%
  • Appearance: white poder
  • Description: Salicylic acid is a natural product extract from Willow bark, well known as an antiinflammatory inhibitor of cyclooxygenase activity. It is widely used in organic synthesis and functions as a plant hormone and is known for its ability to ease aches and pains and reduce fevers. It is derived from the metabolism of salicin. It and its derivatives are used as constituents of some rubefacient products.

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